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We will be soon at the Alimentaria fair 2018

Imagine a place where you could find the most international gastronomy all together; a place where the best professionals of the sector join forces to reach the top; a space where you can immerse yourself in a world of cultures and flavors that will leave you speechless; that place exists and it is called Alimentaria 2018; a space where culinary culture of the highest level and the latest trends in the food sector will work hand by hand.
This year, we will have the privilege of accompanying them; we will be in Barcelona, at the Gran Vía venue from April 16 to 19, at booth 607.
Visit us; We will be waiting for you with open arms!

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Feria Specialty & Fine Food Fair

This September we will be exposing our products with authentic “Argentinian flavor” at Specialty & Fine Food Fair and we would love to see you there. We are proud to re-enter for the third time this great event
Explore the UK’s premier food and beverage showcase and discover the latest handcrafted and specialty products from September 3-5 at Olympia London.

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We hope to see you at the IFE 2017 in Excel londres

We are very pleased to announce that we will be at the IFE 2017 fair in London from the 19th to the 22nd of March. For us it is very important to be able to participate in this international event as it is the largest food and drink fair in London
We are very proud because we will be at the stand of Argentina number 3620 representing our beautiful country. All this has been possible thanks to the hard work we have been doing and the passion we feel for our brand.
We will be waiting to present our new products and tell you all the delicious foods that can be prepared with our recipes and authentic Argentine products.

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Don Gaucho now available through the UK’s Artisan Food Club & First Customer Announcement!

We met Marcus Carter from the Artisan Food Club last year, just before we took part in the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in London Olympia in September 2015 (where we were chosen as favourite in show by the Speciality Food Magazine). Marcus’ enthusiasm, knowledge and invaluable expertise has helped us no-end, including before, during and after the show itself.

The Club specialises in bringing independent shops and artisan producers together, making trading easier and simpler. They host regular meet and greet mini-seminars to help artisan producers like us get the most from their business. They show great passion for what we’re doing, and can communicate our message to a wide audience that already trust and work closely with Marcus and the team. We’re delighted to announce this new partnership, along with the great news that within a matter of a few days of our products landing in the UK, we now have our first new customers through the Club.

Our first Artisan Food Club Customers

Welcome Dugard & Daughters, the first stockist of our product range through the Artisan Food Club. Dugard & Daughters are a specialist butcher and larder based in Herne Hill London. They specialise in rare breed meats, local produce including cheeses, olive bar, wines, local beers and spirits and freshly baked bread and also stock an extensive range of groceries and artisan products now including Don Gaucho’s Chimichurri sauces, Dry Rubs and Dulce de Leche! We’ve had great success with butchers so far, our Chimichurris and Dry Rubs marry perfectly with great quality fresh meat. Chimi is beef’s best friend after all 🙂

Many thanks to Marcus and the Food Club team, and of course Rosie & Neil Dugard. Thanks also for your Twitter comments today on how our Dry Rubs went down on your steak lunch! We look forward to hearing what your customers think of our range too!

We will be attending the Speciality & Fine Food Fair again this September 2016, with a bigger and better stand and look forward to meeting even more obsessive foodies from around the world there, if you’d like to read more about the show, or register to visit (trade only) click here to visit their website. Keep an eye out for announcements of more UK stockists shortly!




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1 Minute Banoffee Profiteroles Recipe!

1 minute? If you think this is a joke, it’s not. Banoffee is a very serious matter. If you’ve ever made a Banoffee Pie from scratch – this must sound like a made up story…

Well, I’m happy to say I’ve discovered the holy grail for instant gratification and satisfaction of my persistent sweet tooth. These little beauties take less then a minute to make, are insanely decadent and delicious that you’ll think you’ve eaten a whole cake (especially if you cram the whole thing in your mouth at once), but are only 75 calories per profiterole. I bought the big ones which are conveniently cut through the middle with cream already inside (have you realised how lazy this recipe is yet), they’re called “Lionesas” here in Spain, and are are approx 20g each.



OK, so here goes. It’s so easy it’s not really even a recipe, and I didn’t make any of it myself, it’s more of an instruction of how to assemble the ingredients you are about to devour and forever thank me for showing you.

1) Buy a pack of store profiteroles, you can usually find them in the freezer section, or buy them fresh from a bakery (you could even go wild and do this with a chocolate Eclaire).  If yours come with chocolate on top – even better. Get the ones that are already filled with whipped cream if you can, otherwise buy a can of squirty cream (nowhere near as good as the real deal, but we’re going for the lazy and fast route to deliciousness here so don’t judge me).


2) Take the lid off the profiterole or cut it in half depending on how yours came from the shop, and eat half of the cream inside if its a real mouthful.

3) Dollop on a teaspoon of Don Gaucho Dulce de Leche. No other will do, it just won’t, don’t try it.


4) Lick the spoon.

5) Stop pulling that face.

6) Slice up a ripe banana and add one slice on top of the Dulce de Leche. If your profiteroles didn’t come with cream already inside, add a squirt of cream next.


7) Put the lid back on the profiterole.

8) Try and fit it all in your mouth at once! OMG!! I ate four in a row and let insert the disclaimer here, that is too much. Actually I ate five, I had a plain one before I did any recipeing.

To die for! 🙂

You can make pretty much anything into Banoffee by just adding Don Gaucho Dulce de Leche and banana…it’s that easy.


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Don Gaucho now available at Marks & Spencer (UK)

We’ve waited a while to announce this, but we’re delighted to say that Don Gaucho is now sitting proudly on one of the UK’s leading retailers’ shelves: Marks & Spencer (M&S). With over 1,330 stores worldwide selling to 33 million customers through 852 UK stores and online, you can imagine how thrilled we were when we received that call!

During the Speciality & Fine Food Fair we attended last September, just before we were about to pack up and go, celebrating a great day at the fair amongst ourselves, I had a conversation with a lady about our products, how they were new to the UK and she told me how much she loved Dulce de Leche and how the brand she worked for did too. To cut a long story short, the product spoke for itself, she took away some mini-samples and my card and I honestly didn’t expect to hear anything more. Fast forward a few months of planning and organising, Don Gaucho’s hand made artisan Dulce de Leche hit the shelves last week.

Thanks to the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, to Holly Shackleton for the great review of our Dulce de Leche post-show and to all those that have supported and helped us, and in any way been involved in getting Don Gaucho off the ground in the UK.

There is plenty more to come from us shortly over there and online store will be launching shortly too, so watch this space – be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter so you don’t miss a thing.

Check out our full range of products here


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Don Gaucho Named Favourite in UK’s Speciality Food Magazine!

To say we’re over the moon with the response we’ve had from our presence at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair this past September, is a massive understatement.

Still buzzing from the event, just yesterday I received the news that our products were chosen as a favourite “top pick” from the exhibition by the deputy editor of the Speciality Food Magazine, Holly Shackleton! The magazine is a trade title written exclusively for fine food retailers, with news, reviews about from the food and drink industry.

We’re so happy for our products to be recognised, considering there were around 750 exhibitors at the show and especially by a publication and a writer of such influence in the UK’s foodie industry.  Here’s what Holly had to say:

DEPUTY EDITOR’S PICKS – Holly Shackleton, deputy editor of Speciality Food welcomes a new generation

“Don Gaucho Dulce de Leche: I didn’t think that anything could knock salted caramel off its high perch in my culinary heart, but this unctuous, decadent but not too- sweet sauce may just have managed it. Not only is it spoonable from a jar, but it’s pretty versatile too – delicious as a pancake, ice cream, fruit, dessert and toasttopper, it ticks a lot of boxes for consumers looking for a multipurpose and easy-to-use sweet treat. Retailers would do well to position it on shelves alongside both their dessert and home baking ranges, as well as tell its unique story. Dulce de leche has long been a staple of my larder, and I feel very happy to say that Don Gaucho’s version will take the place of my former favourite. A truly authentic Argentinian product, this traditional milk caramel is partnered in Don Gaucho’s range by a unique pair of Chimichurri sauces and a great Malbec red wine – add a barbecued steak and you’re sorted.”

Big thanks to everyone at the show, and Holly and the team at the Speciality Food Magazine. If you’d like to download a free copy of this month’s Specialty Food Magazine (October 2015), get it here. We’re on page 17!


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Don Gaucho NEW to the Speciality & Fine Food Fair!

Hello from everyone here at DON GAUCHO – Creators of exciting authentic gourmet Argentinian food products and importers of fine wine. Born in Argentina, made in Spain and now coming to England!

Well the countdown has well and truly begun. Since deciding that we will be participating at this year’s Speciality & Fine Food Fair at London Olympia from 6th – 8th September 2015 the last few week’s have been what can only be described as a roller coaster ride of excitement! This is our first trade fair in the UK and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our authentic flavours, never tasted before in the UK at THE industry’s flagship event. 


As many of you, our loyal customers, fans and friends will already know, we’re crazy about Argentina, rich in tradition when it comes to food and wine, famous worldwide for its great quality beef. Our product range reflects the best of what Argentinian life is all about, simple living maximum enjoyment. Our product range respects authentic recipes passed on through generations of gauchos and families, brought up to date with a modern twist and new variations on traditional recipes. We thought it was about time we shared that with the UK where these types of world flavours are embraced almost more than traditional English grub!

We hand make our products in our production facilities based in Southern Spain, so right now we are currently making new batches, new recipes, sample packs and mini tasters to share with you all…all-guns-blazing to jump head-first into this exciting event.


A short history of who we are and where we came from:

For those of you that don’t  know how we started: A chance meeting in a pub one late night in 2008, several years after playing football together in an amateur Spanish football team, saw the start of an unlikely friendship. Stephen and Juan quickly learnt that contrary to popular opinion, Argentinian and British men have very similar motivations in life: football, beer and barbecuing meat! Stephen thought the British were the kings of the BBQ, but very quickly learned his place in that little head to head. Astounded by the taste of all the unusual sounding cuts of meats, slow grilled over wood fire Argy style along with Juan’s signature Chimichurri sauce.  They figured, together whilst enjoying yet another incredible BBQ; that they should change that for good.

Certainly from the response we’ve had from the British living over here in Spain, going crazy for DON GAUCHO, literally they often hug Juan thanking him for introducing them to our flavours… we can’t wait to share our authentic recipes with the most influential people in the British Gourmet Food scene and to see if they respond in the same way.


Click here to see our exhibitor page and our range of products that you can find at the show.


Don Gaucho Chimichurri Sauces:
Our signature sauce, the Original Chimichurri, is a similar consistency to a salsa or chutney, a deep red jeweled glaze packed full of flavour yet made from simple ingredients such as red pepper flakes, garlic and herbs. Hand made in our own production facility. In Argentina it has been traditionally served alongside grilled or roast beef for centuries. We have found it to be so versatile it is amazing with anything from scrambled eggs to roast potatoes (we’ve tried hundreds of combos). It works great as an overnight marinade for meat or fish too, or dunk rustic bread or nachos into it. The options are literally endless. But once you’ve tried it with steak, beef will never be the same again! Once our Original Chimichurri really took off, we had many stores asking for a hot variety, so we created a spicier version which is now as popular as the original. A similar base flavour as our Original Chimichurri but with a much punchier chilli kick, pan fry it with some king prawns for an instant prawns pil-pil…YUM!

Don Gaucho Dulce de Leche:
It’s hard to describe just how ridiculously delicious this is. Try to imagine the creamiest toffee or caramel you’ve ever tried (in a banoffee pie for example), times that by ten, then drape that thought with a velvety vanilla blanket and you’re almost there. Simple ingredients, awesome flavour, highly addictive and moreish. Keep away from children or it will disappear! Traditionally used as a spread on pancakes, but wonderful glooped onto ice cream, spread on biscuits, making banoffee pie without all the hassle, or (OK I admit it) eat it straight from the jar for an instant indulgent sweet treat.

Malbec Wine from San Juan:
Argentina’s most emblematic wine, mellow and fruity, smooth and warming. We wanted to offer the best accompaniment to our Chimichurri sauces to give the full flavour experience at any table. Favoured by connoisseurs globally, this limited edition award-winning Malbec is from the San Juan region from 2012, if red is your thing, you have to try this. In Spain we often serve it chilled too, something not so common in Britain, but a totally different experience flavour-wise.

NEW Don Gaucho Dry Rubs:
Our latest creation that we’ve managed to keep a secret to launch at the Speciality & Fine Food Fair…well, until I just posted it on here (shhh keep reading you haven’t noticed anything)….. Inspired by flavours from our Chimichurris, we wanted something we could use to dry marinade meats such as ribs, lamb and beef joints for example. You can also use it to replace your every-day salt and pepper, it easily turns any dull dish into something special… Even if you think you’re hopeless at cooking. Again we’ve created a mild Original version and a kicked up spicy version.

So, if you can make it to the event REGISTER NOW for free and avoid paying the £20 on-the-door fee, or if you can’t but you know someone that can, get them to register now and come and say hello! There’s so much to see at this amazing event, a massive 750 exhibitors in total including a separate Chocolate Fair…PLUS the Great Taste Awards are announcing their overall winners on the evening of the second night of SFFF with so many amazing winners so far contending…need I say more?

For further details please give me a shout, connect on Twitter or Facebook below, send me an email, or ideally come and try something new at our stand (Nº 3638). I’d love to hear from you. For more info on the Speciality & Fine Food Fair, visit their website here.

Dani Fagan
Our Exhibitor Page
Stand Nº: 3638
Don Gaucho Authentic Argentinian Flavour

We can’t wait to meet you!   ¡¡Vamos carajo!!