At Don Gaucho, we are devoted to bringing authentic Argentinian gaucho cuisine into the modern age because we want more people around the world to share in its amazing flavours. Our recipes have been passed down through generations of gauchos to ensure we stay true to traditional flavours and production methods.
Our rich ruby red Chimichurri sauces bring you a complex savoury flavour, much more intense and delicious than some of the green varieties you may have tried before, we assure you our Chimis are completely different to those. Our new Dry Rub range brings a whole new depth of flavour to any every day meal and can be used in many different ways.
We are also fully licensed Argentinian wine importers, our award-winning Malbec red is a 2012 from the San Juan region, fruity mellow and rich all at the same time.


Englishman Stephen still bore severe mental scars from watching Maradonna cheat England of World Cup glory in 1986 and more recently in 1998. Just like oil and water, football aficionados Juan and Stephen were never really supposed to bond…
But a chance meeting one night in Southern Spain in 2008 changed everything. Despite hardly knowing each other and not speaking much of the other’s language, a strong friendship was born, mainly through a heady mix of drunk semaphore, beer and a love of great Argentinian steak. They quickly learnt that Argentinian men and British men have very similar motivations in life: football, beer and barbecuing meat!
A hot summer in 2011 soon cured Stephen’s mental scars – he even surprised himself by joining Juan’s Argentine football team in Fuengirola. But the question is: was it the football or the mouth-watering Asados with the team that got Stephen so totally hooked?


He was mesmerised by the taste of all the unusual sounding cuts of meats which, when cooked Argy style with their chimichurri sauce, unlocked a magical explosion of flavours he’d never tasted in his life before.
The secret was about to be revealed. At one barbecue, Juan carefully pulled a closely guarded jar from his pocket, containing a rich, red “Secret Sauce.” But he did warn Stephen:
“Be careful. Once you have eaten steak with Chimichurri, you’ll never enjoy it as much on its own ever again!”
Well, he was right! In fact he was so right that foodie Stephen decided he couldn’t live without the secret sauce and wanted to share the taste. So he convinced Juan to make it for him all the time. Now they’re not only making it for friends and family, they’re sharing it with the world.