Don Gaucho Original Chimichurri 2LDon Gaucho Chimichurri Original 2L

Here’s some ideas on how to use it:

1) Chimichurri is beef’s best friend, as tradition in Argentina states, don’t eat beef without it…too delicious for words. Whether grilling steak, roasting a beef  joint or just pan frying mince for pasta, get the Chimichurri in there, it is THE perfect combo of flavours.

2) Try the super easy Argie version of sausage sandwich, the magnificent “Choripan”, take any chorizo (the fresh squishy non-cured type is best) or sausage, cut it down the middle when cooked and squash it into a fresh French loaf or soft roll, add plenty of spicy Don Gaucho Chimichurri and devour whilst still piping hot! The Chimi will kick the flavour up 1000%, very addictive!

3) Whip it up into some mayonnaise, fill a baked potato or use on its own for dipping and dunking wedges, crisps or nachos.

4) Marinate steaks, chicken or fish fillets in it overnight, the flavour intensifies and penetrates the flesh for extra yumminess, turns sizzly in the pan too making an epic caramelised glaze.

5) Toss roast potatoes (sweet potato wedges are delicious) or any roast vegetables in a drizzle of Chimichurri after cooking.

6) Whisk a little into eggs whilst scrambling, for a perfect brunch (great with a cold beer!)

7) Amazing with pork, over chops or ribs for example or on a bacon sarnie.

8) Stir into freshly cooked pasta for an instantly flavourful light dressing.

Literally endless possibilities, prepare for this to replace any other sauce you’re currently enjoying…

Nuestro mayor éxito de ventas. Da a tus platos un placentero toque picante con los imponentes aromas del perejil, el orégano y el ajo.

Hasta ahora, las salsas interesantes acompañantes se podría contar con los dedos de una mano, pero nuestro Chimichurri es tan versátil, que no sólo le dará un sabor excepcional a tus barbacoas, sino que te encantará en aliños de ensaladas, con los huevos revueltos, patatas asadas, mezclado con mahonesa en bocadillos y hasta encima de pizzas (Va SUPER bien con el queso fundido…)